Precision DC Power Supply Units

Speed Control Units and dc Motor Kits for Pink Triangle Turntables 

Originally designed for replacing Pink Triangle ac PSU's and motors.

Our dc motor kits  can be used for converting most ac turntables to dc.

We can do the conversion for you for very little extra cost. Please contact us for prices.


The majority of electrical problems that we see at True Point Audio are with the AC motor drive units of the PT Too, PT Export and the LPT, but recently we have seen an increase in the DC motor drive systems like the PT1, the Tarantella and Anniversary failing. It would appear that time is taking its toll. 

 The problem with these systems rarely lies with the motor, but is in most cases a problem with the PCB overheating due the components degrading and eventually burning out.

 Repairing the PCB's on any of the AC type PT turntables is hit and miss and we can end up with varying degrees of success; this is mainly due to the damaged components not being available to the original specifications.  

Unfortunately, we quite often find that the 33.3 RPM can be repaired and will run at the correct speed, but the 45 RPM will not.

We would typically charge approx' £200.00 for the PCB repair. Any work undertaken would be after giving you an estimate of the proposed repair.

 A far better result is had if the turntable is converted from an AC to a DC system, or if it is already DC, then replace your old DC system with a more modern, reliable and accurate system.  


Type 1

For this 2 or 3 speed system we use a 12V dc motor and its speed is controlled by a 'current monitoring' system.




Type  2

For this 2 or 3 speed conversion we use a 12V dc motor and its speed is controlled by a higher spec'd and filtered 'current monitoring' system.

Apart from the obvious benefit of offering a 78 RPM speed our Push Button systems have been designed with digital speed adjustment (just press and hold the slow or fast push button and you get the appropriate response, the longer you press the faster or slower the speed). This gives a much better response than the old knob and potentiometer type.

Some of our customers have asked about different colours for the illuminated push buttons, so we now offer PSU's with push buttons of different colour combinations. You have a choice of Red, Green, Blue, Orange and White.

The PCB has the same filtering and smoothing technology as we use in all our high end PSU's.

Type  3

Is a 3 speed PSU, but we use a dc Escap motor with an integral feedback system for controlling the speed which is similar to that used on the PT Anniversary.

Our top of the range 3 Speed Control Unit will replace the existing PT Anniversary Unit.



Please state when ordering if you require 240V or 110V supply voltage.

Important notice : -


Always use a 3 – wire moulded mains plug with integral lead with IEC female connector to connect to the controller, in the UK, commonly known as a ‘kettle plug’ lead. It is essential that the mains earth is connected to the controllers to prevent electric shock and possible death due to electrocution.

Controllers with ungrounded enclosures can become lethal devices in the event of a transformer insulation failure or accidental connection of the live supply to the enclosure. Whereas with a grounded enclosure, such a failure simply blows the mains fuse.

All DC controllers supplied by TPA require earthing to stop unwanted interference either incoming or outgoing. The TPA DC regulated power supply and the TPA DC speed controllers, have an integral LC line filter. The line filter serves the purpose of preventing possible radiation of radiofrequency interference (RFI) from the controller via the power line, as well as filtering out incoming interference that may be present on the power line.

For the filter to provide optimum performance it is essential that the mains earth is connected.

This page is under construction, and will be modified as photos and info become available.


Please state when ordering if you require 240V or 110V supply voltage.

 Please contact us for current price.

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