Tri-Drive for  Pink Triangle Turntables


There are few inherent problems with the esteemed Pink Triangle turntable, but one of them is the axial play that can occur at the top of the bearing housing.

Although the mass of the turntable tends to centre the pivot ball of the bearing into the centre of the sapphire cup, there is a sideways pull from the drive belt pulling the platter towards the motor. This effect has a tendency to pull the pivot ball in the bearing to the edge of the sapphire cup. This problem is further enhanced if the bearing has been poorly assembled. The result of these anomalies is a barely detectable 'wobble', but this 'wobble' will have a detrimental effect on the reproduced sound quality.

To correct this 'wobble', we have re-positioned the motor onto the sub-chassis, inline between the platter spindle and the centre of the tonearm board, similar to the PT Anniversary thus producing a better balanced system. Also, If the platter is driven from three equal points about its circumference then the 'wobble' problem is eliminated. To achieve this, we have placed two pulleys and the motor pulley equally spaced at 120 about the circumference of the belt recess in the platter.

The result of all this, is an unbiased rotation that is true to the centre of the platter bearing and produces a much enhanced sound quality which is deemed by many as being the prime enhancement that is overlooked by turntable manufacturers.

Also, due to the platter now having a balanced drive, there is less 'judder' when the motor is switched on or when the speed is changed, so there is less likelihood of the belt jumping off the platter.

The Tri-Drive Conversion consists of : -

  • New carbon fibre/foam composite Sub-Chassis, with new mountings for the repositioned motor and Idler pulleys.

  • Two different diameter Idler Pulleys and Pulley Spindle assemblies.

  • Carbon fibre Sub-Frame square tubing and twin rear fixing carbon fibre round tubes.

  • New Rear Suspension Mounting Block Assy.

  • New Acrylic Top Plate available in clear or black (Carbon Fibre available at extra cost).

These component parts are manufactured in our workshop using CNC machining centres and CNC lathes. The conversion assembly is skilfully performed by our staff as is the final testing.

This conversion isn't cheap, it's priceless! so the old adage says, and in this case it is very true.

Note: The plinth in the photo's is made from Maple timber and lime waxed to achieve an attractive light colour, these can be made to order. We also offer new plinths in other types of wood to your choice.

Fitting the Tri-Drive Belt: -

Notes to be added later when we have some more photos.

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