Rigid, Lightweight ARMBOARD for


Pink Triangle Turntables

The armboard shown above on the left is the old type made from aluminium sheet, the one on the right is the new, much improved type prior to drilling the hole for the tonearm.

These attractive, lightweight armboards are a specially constructed sandwich of carbon fibre sheet, foam and carbon fibre sheet . The carbon fibre sheet gives it its rigidity and modern looks, while the resin impregnated foam helps abate transient resonance. The armboard is pre drilled to fit straight onto your Pink Triangle turntable. All that is required is the hole/s for the tonearm which we can put in for you.

Technical Details

Quasi-Isotropic Layup

To create a more uniform distribution of strength, all our sheets are manufactured using both layers of 0/90 and 45/-45 oriented reinforcement in what is known as quasi-isotropic fibre orientation. Carbon fibre sheets using this layup technique offer improved stiffness across their diagonal axis and significantly improved torsional stiffness.

Laminate Composition

The matrix used is a high performance epoxy resin which offers excellent mechanicals, clarity and improved UV stability. The high temperature cure maximises the mechanical strength properties and results in a Tg (glass transition) of 80C.

To achieve maximum stability and flatness in the sheets, we used 'balanced' laminates for all sheet thicknesses. This means that the fibre type, weight and weave is symmetrical from the front to the back ply..

Our Light weight Armboard kit consists of: -

  • 1 Carbon fibre composite armboard

  • 1 Allen Key

  • 4 Black spacer Tubes (white shown in photos for clarity).

  • 4 Stainless steel M5 Button Head socket screws.





Fitting Instructions:-

Ensure the electrical supply to the turntable is switched off and the mains plug plug removed from the electrical socket.

Carefully remove the tonearm and original armboard.

Place the plastic spacers over the aluminium stand-off posts fitted on the sub-chassis as shown in the photos.

The spacers supplied have been made to set the top surface of the armboard to the same height as the original armboard.

When fitting it, to make sure the orientation is correct, there is a notch filed on the underside edge of the armboard, this must face forward.

If you weigh your existing armboard and compare its mass against the carbon fibre one, then the difference in mass can be added to the carbon fibre armboard using the stick on weights provided.

Finally, when tightening the screws to secure the armboard to the sub-chassis, do not over-tighten them otherwise you will dent the armboard, they only need nipping up.

If you have any special modifications needed concerning the base height of your tonearm, please discuss this with us when enquiring.


We have marked the underside of the armboard with sticky tape to show which side faces to the front of the turntable.

Assuming the armboard is drilled to take your type of tonearm and the plastic spacers are in place, carefully fit the tonearm to armboard.

If the armboard is not drilled, care must be taken when drilling the hole\s to ensure the correct spindle distance to the centre of the tonearm, and the hole\s size are as per tonearm manufacturers recommendations.

Using the black anodised aluminium screws, fix the armboard onto the spacers as shown in the photo.

It is only necessary to 'nip' the screws up, do not over tighten them. An Allen key is supplied for your convenience.


All done, now connect your tonearm cable and check the VTA and cartridge alignment is correct. If it is not, then adjust them as per the tonearm manufacturers instructions.


Photo's courtesy of Darren Ladd

  All done, now sit back and enjoy your music

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