Pink Triangle

Makers of fine audio turntables from 1979 to 1999 as Pink Triangle Projects Ltd, then 2000 to 2003 as Pink Triangle Partnership.

True Point Audio Ltd can supply and fit new sapphire bearings for all types of Pink Triangle turntables.

James Melling Ltd (no longer in business) were the suppliers of the sapphire bearings for Pink Triangle.  When True Point set up in business in 2002 they bought the stocks and records from James Melling Ltd, detailing all relevant technical info, including sales details of products to customers including Pink Triangle, thus we are confident that the sapphire bearings that you require for the replacement of damaged ones are sold on a like for like basis.

Damaged Pink Triangle BearingPT bearing ball

Damaged sapphire bearing and ball, mouse over for repaired Bearing.

Occasionally after replacing some sapphire bearings, when the bearing assembly was rotated, wobble was still present. Initially we thought that this was caused by excessive wear in the plastic ring insert at the base of the upper bearing assembly, but on closer examination we traced the problem to the ball of the bearing assembly being worn and mis-shaped due to the turntable being used after the sapphire had been damaged. As a result of this we now check the ball as well as the sapphire, and can replace the ball as shown above if necessary.

We would appreciate any photos of your Pink Triangle turntable that you are prepared to have exhibited on this page.

Pink Triangle 'PT1',  Circa. 1979

Photo Copyright: C. Tay 2013

The original Pink Triangle (PT1 - the companies first model) with d.c.-motor.  However, the older model has the old bearing type with the bearing ball at the top of the bearing shaft and the jewel cup inside the upper aluminium housing.  On the later model it's the other way around with the jewel cup at the top of the bearing shaft and the bearing ball inside the upper aluminium housing.

We can reconfigure the bearing arrangement on inverse bearing assy's, so that the sapphire faces upwards similar to later PT bearings. This greatly improves lubrication retention.


Photo Copyright: Don (AKA Wulf) 2016

This PT1 was vectored by Don in 2008.

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Pink Triangle 'PT Too' model. Circa. 1985

Photo Copyright J.Semplay_2012

Photo Copyright: J.Semplay 2012


It was supplied with an external a.c. power supply unit called the Pacesetter.

Pink Triangle 'Little Pink Thing'. Circa. 1990

Photo Copyright: R. Vranas 2013

(entry level turntable)

The LPT models were Pink Triangle's non-suspended designs, compared to PT1/2/Export/Anni which had a 'floating' sub-chassis.

LPT GTi used the Export GTi's electronics, hence: A Little Pink Thing with Export GTi drive electronics.

Pink Triangle 'Export' model. Circa. 1991

Photo copyright: Paul G. Nagy 2015

A PT Too turntable with 'Little Pink Thing' drive electronics.

Pink Triangle 'Export GTi' model. Circa. 1992

Photo copyright: A. Simpson 2014

Export GTi used an uprated twin phase power supply based on the PT Too's Pacesetter, not the LPT PSU (the standard Export used the LPT PSU).

Export GTi had an optional dished platter and clamp.

Pink Triangle 'Anniversary' model is their “statement” turntable.

Circa. 1991

Photo Copyright: T. Bissell 2012




Pink Triangle 'Tarantella'. Circa. 1997

Photo Copyright: N. Mason 2012

PT Mini Anniversary converted from a PT1 by Tim Bissell

Photo courtesy of Steve Westwood 2016

The earliest bearing assemblies were constructed with the ball at the top of the shaft, and the ruby cup being located in the aluminium upper housing, whereas the later bearing design has the thrust surfaces transposed, moderately improving lubricant retention. This later bearing also had a smaller threaded base which gave a weight advantage over the earlier bearing.

Please note there is no difference in the mechanical properties between a ruby coloured synthetic sapphire and the self coloured (clear) sapphire. The colour is added in the doping process. We supply self coloured sapphire bearings.

We also buy Pink Triangle turntables. Please let us know if you have one to sell.

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