Pink Triangle Turntables

The Split Platter

If you have a PT turntable, you will probably agree that one of the problems might well be 'fitting the drive belt'. This minor problem is made no easier with the PT Anniversary where you have to fit the belt around the additional pulleys. To make this problem disappear we have modified the acrylic platter so that it is constructed from two pieces as shown in the central photo below. This type of system is used by other turntable makers such as Funk, Linn and many others.

This modification also greatly reduces the risk of the sapphire bearing being damaged when changing the drive belt.

The smaller platter is easily assembled onto the turntable main bearing, and the drive belt fitted in place around it and the motor pulley. The larger part of the platter can then be placed on top of the smaller platter  to finish the assembly. Please contact us if you are interested in having your platter converted to a split platter.

Above are photos of the Split Platter which can be made by modifying your platter.


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