for Pink Triangle Turntables


All parts for the suspension on Pink Triangle Turntables are now available, including Springs, Spring Hangers, Adjustment Wedges (Chocks), Brass Adjustment Screws, Split Pins etc.

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Fitting new Suspension Springs  :-


  1. Ensure the electrical supply is switched off and mains plug removed from wall socket.

  2. Carefully remove platter, belt, tonearm board and tonearm.

  3. Set the platter level adjustment to midway using the side adjusting screws regardless of whether the platter is level or not.

  4. Turn the turntable upside down and place it on two stacks of books so as to not let the fixed part of the bearing or motor pulley touch the worktop.

  5. Remove the base plate and the screws holding it in position.

  6. Remove the 'pac-man' spring retainers and remove the sub-chassis.

  7. The T-frame is now fully visible and the suspension springs can be seen fixed to the hinged wedges.

8. Remove the split pin securing the hinged wedge.

9. Push the hinge pin out and replace  the spring with the new one. Then replace the pin to secure the spring.

10. Replace the hinged wedge and spring with the split pin.

11. Tie a suitable wire to the new springs (in this case solder has been used) to pull the springs through the sub-chassis

12. Place the sub-chassis over the springs and push the ends of the wire through the holes in the sub-chassis and pull the springs through the holes.

13. When all of the springs have been pulled through, place the 'pac-man' spring retainer into the spring and screw each one into a position about 3 turns from the end of the spring. Remove the pull through pieces of wire.


14. Replace the tonearm, armboard and platter then level the platter by adjusting the side screws. (See Suspension Adjusting Tools for more detailed help in levelling the platter).

It may be necessary to screw the 'pac-man' retainer up the spring if adjustment bottoms out.


Photo's courtesy of Marie and Richard Johns


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