Record Stabiliser Weight/Tachometer/Bulls Eye Level 

True Point Audio Ltd offers a record stabiliser weight with built in tachometer engraving and bulls eye spirit level.

The benefits include the following: -

1.   Improve the warp in your record disc with the added weight of the record stabiliser. The mass of the unit is approximately 280 gms.

2.   Adjustment of the speed of the platter by using the built in tachometer with a suitable strobe light.     and are offered with either 50 or 60Hz tachometer engraving. Please state which one you require when ordering.

3. Level the platter by using the bulls eye spirit level, giving improved tracking geometry.

All of the above will give improved/enjoyable listening to your record collection.

 They give you the best of three devices, assembled into one precision made, value for money hifi accessory.

The body of the record stabiliser is manufactured from aircraft grade aluminium alloy and anodised in either silver (natural anodised), black, gold colour.



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We reserve the right to alter the specification without notice.

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