There are two types of platter bearing commonly used in the Pink Triangle turntables, the 'Non-inverted Sapphire type' and 'the Inverted Sapphire type'.

Please note, the Little Pink Thing [LPT] is different from the above as it uses a flat sapphire end-stone and a non-fixed larger ball.

Inverted sapphire bearing : -

The two photo's to the right show the two principal components of the turntable bearing. The tungsten carbide ball mounted in the brass stem, and the sapphire mounted in the stainless steel finger.

This arrangement has the advantage of holding the lubricating oil in the cup of the sapphire, thus resulting in smoother and longer lasting performance.

Non-Inverted Sapphire bearing : -

This arrangement has the sapphire cup not inverted, consequently the lubricating oil retention is not as good as the above arrangement.

The photo's to the right shows the tungsten carbide ball mounted on top of the stainless steel finger, and the sapphire is mounted in the base of the brass stem of the bearing, (this sapphire is chipped and needs replacing).

Little Pink Thing (LPT) Sapphire bearing : -

This arrangement has a sapphire end-stone fixed into the end of a highly polished hardened steel shaft, the shaft rotates in a tube where the end-stone sits on a ball bearing.  

We offer a ruby sapphire end-stone replacement for this type of bearing.

Comments: -

"Fitted the refinished bearing, all I can say is “wow” the pink has never sounded better, thank you". Chris R, Bedford.

"The PT too is SOUNDING even better I still am amazed at the sound quality. Tried a re-mastered Beatles yesterday and wow, it was great".   Richard J, Truro

"I hadn't realised how much the bearing had degraded until I spun the platter after the new one.  It just spins and spins and it doesn't seem real. 

I am very pleased with it. Many thanks for you prompt and courteous service".  Trevor M,  Norwich.

"The bearing noise from the motor has completely gone. I can't remember when (or if) it was ever that good.

I've only had chance to listen to a couple of albums but I think it is better than it has ever been and I'm looking forward to future listening. Thanks for a great job".   Andrew M.  West Bromwich


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