Sorbothane® Acoustic Isolation Pads, Hemispheres and Mats

for Hi-Fi and other equipment.


True Point Audio Ltd  only uses Sorbothane® for its Acoustic Isolation Pads, Hemispheres and Mats. They are suitable for acoustically isolating most pieces of Hi-Fi equipment particularly Turntables, CD players and Isolation Platforms etc.


What is  Sorbothane® ?

Sorbothane® is a relatively new product, invented and patented in 1982 by Dr. Maurice Hiles, a British inventor. His research into the energy dissipation properties of human soft tissue disclosed a structure very similar to an interpenetrating polymer network. This led to his synthesis of the first commercial simultaneous interpenetrating network, now called Sorbothane. Dr. Hiles wrote in his patent "The resulting solid polymer behaves like a quasi-liquid, being readily deformed by an applied force and slow to recover, although in the absence of such a force it takes up a defined shape and volume". In 1976, he contacted the  National Research Development Corporation (NRDC) about his invention; the NRDC spent almost £10,000 in helping him to improve and patent the polymer. Sorbothane Acoustic Isolation Pads

The material combines some of the properties of rubber, silicone and other plastic polymers. It is considered to be a good vibration damping material, an acoustic insulator, and is highly durable. An unusually high amount of the energy from an object dropped onto Sorbothane is absorbed. The feel and damping qualities of Sorbothane®  have been likened to those of meat.

Sorbothane® is a visco-elastic material, meaning that it exhibits properties of both liquids (viscous solutions) and solids (elastic materials), with a relaxation time of two seconds. Because visco-elastic behaviour is desirable in shock and vibration applications, many materials claim to be viscoelastic; however, many of these materials have only trace viscoelastic properties.

The Acoustic Isolating Pad and Hemisphere.

The purpose of using isolation pads is to decouple acoustic feedback from your speakers or sub-woofer and other sources of extraneous vibration.

They are installed to separate your turntable deck, CD player, amplifier or other audio components from vibration. Therefore, the tones will be more focused and tighter.


Our specially designed and precision made Adjustable Isolation Feet will give a much better performance to your Hi-Fi components


Sorbothane® Mats and Strips:

For Acoustic Mat stocked sizes please see table #1 below.

Acoustic mats can be cut to your required size, please ask for details.

Please contact us for latest prices on any of our products.

Table #1.       SORBOTHANE®  PRODUCTS 

  Product No. Description
 Sheets SPS5050-3 500 x 500 x 3mm
  SPS5050-4 500 x 500 x 4mm
  SPS5050-5 500 x 500 x 5mm
  SPS5050-6 500 x 500 x 6mm
  SPS5050-8 500 x 500 x 8mm
  SPS5050-10 500 x 500 x 10mm
  SPS5050-12 500 x 500 x 12mm
  SPS5050-18 500 x 500 x 18mm
  SPS5050-25 500 x 500 x 25mm
Strips SS1005-12 1000 x 50 x 12mm
  SS5035-30 500 x 35 x 30mm
  SS504-50 500 x 40 x 50mm
  SS584-8 580 x 40 x 8mm
  SS784-8 780 x 40 x 8mm
  SS9840-8 980 x 40 x 8mm
  SS1184-8 1180 x 40 x 8mm
Hemispheres SH30010 10mm dia'
  SH30011 11mm "
  SH30019 19mm "
  SH30030 30mm "
  SH30050 50mm "



Sorbothane® Pads:

Sorbothane® pads/discs can be cut to your desired diameter and thickness, please see the table above for material sheet thickness, and contact us for prices.


Sorbothane® Hemispheres

Sorbothane® hemisphere mounts provide a quick, cost-effective method of isolating Hi-Fi equipment.

  Place the hemisphere under the unit to be isolated with the curved surface up.

 Expect a 20 to 30% deflection when statically loaded.

Under-loading will result in poor isolation.


Table #2 shows      Rated Loading of Hemispheres

 Part Number

 Base Diameter

 Rated load (Kg)

30 Duro

Rated load (Kg)

50 Duro

Rated load (Kg)

70 Duro 



0.9 - 2.3

2.7 - 3.6

4.0 - 5.0



0.9 - 1.8

2.3 - 4.5

6.8 - 10.0



4.5 - 6.8

10.0 - 13.6

12.7 - 17.2


Other sizes available on request.
Sorbothane gasket for SME tonearm


Please ask about our Sorbothane gaskets.

We laser cut Sorbothane gaskets for extra accuracy and speed of production.

The gasket shown is for acoustically isolating a tonearm thus improving sound reproduction.



Fitting instructions for all of our acoustic products: -


Please read the following instructions carefully before fitting the Acoustic Pads/Mats etc, as we can not accept any liability for any damage caused to the turntable or associated equipment, if you have any queries about fitting the Acoustic Isolation Pads or Hemispheres, then please contact us before fitting them.


  1. Before moving your equipment please ensure that all loose and fragile components are properly secured so that they will not get damaged if moved.

  2. We recommend that  you have someone to help you, as they can place the pads/hemispheres or mat in position while you carefully raise the equipment that you want the isolation aids placing under.

  3. After the hi-fi equipment has been carefully raised, place the pads/hemispheres or mat in position and carefully place your hi-fi equipment in position.

If you are unsure about any of the above, please contact us for more information.


Sorbothane® is registered to Sorbothane Inc, USA.

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