We now manufacture and supply Arm-boards, (designed for us by Pete of 'Pete's Pylons'), for these highly acclaimed turntables.

These acrylic arm-boards give superior acoustic performance because the acrylic material will attenuate transient vibrations, whereas the aluminium arm-board has the opposite effect.

These arm-boards are accurately machined to suit your tonearm, and will simply fit onto the turntable as a replacement to the original aluminium arm-board.

The correct orientation can be achieved by rotating the arm-board until the small dimple that has been machined at the rear of one of the mounting holes faces towards the front of the turntable.

The brass weights are added to balance the tonearm so that it is close to the mass of the original aluminium arm-board. If your tonearm has a very high mass, or has a large footprint where the mounting holes will collide with the brass weights then the brass weights and their holes are not included in the armboard. We offer a reduced price for this type of armboard.



These superb upgrade kits comprise of : -

1 x Acrylic Arm-board.

12 x brass weights.

  We also make acrylic armboards for 12" tonearms and longer.  

These special acrylic armboards are of a dry laminated construction that improves its sonic isolation properties,

while at the same time increasing the structural integrity of its form.

The tonearm shown is a 12" Audio Origami PU7

Please contact us if you are interested in this product for your special tonearm.


Comments: -

Thank you for the arm board, excellent engineering, piano sounds especially good, the upgrade is a must have, no going back, many thanks. Carol & Keith

I thought my Gyrodec had already been taken to the highest level, however the new solid acrylic armborad has taken it yet to another level, which I didn't think was possible. Initially I fitted the board with the original delrin spacers from Michell, as in the pics, but this meant the tonearm was just about right at the bottom of it's travel..I also tried an acrylic spacer, which is a similar depth to the Michell spacers, which again left no play room at the top of the tonearm pivot...Anyway.. The voicing is a lot better, the sound stage has opened up further and all aspects of the tonal range is even snappier than ever...crisp cybmals.. tight fast snare and toms..the Piano's are the best I've heard them yet..stunning clear vocals and the bass is deeper, more controlled, better extended and tuneful...I can pick all instruments out with ease, making for a much clearer listen...I said the Pylons were the best upgrade, but this armborad now fixed to the chassis, with a rubber gasket beneath it and the Michell spacers and acrylic ring spacer are now in the spares box...Is easily as good an upgrapde as the Pylons....The original Aluminium arm board is also now relegated to the spares box...and of course, again, as with all the mods/upgrades, everything can be returned to original Michell spec, should you wish to move your tt on, which is unlikely of course...atb folks...Al..

After being thrilled with Pete's suspension, I was really curious when he came up with the new armboard design. I'd experimented years ago with various types of shelf materials (glass, tempered glass, corian, MDF, baltic birch, etc. and also acrylic. I found that the best sounding support for my table (even using a Target Wall Shelf and replacing the stock MDF shelf in that) was a constrained layer shelf that I put together using a base piece of baltic birch with a thin layer of neoprene sheet on top of that, followed by a top layer of extruded acrylic upon which my table sits. Would have gone acrylic on the bottom layer at the time but it was pricey and many years ago when I did not have an excess of cash so stuck with the baltic birch there.

So when Pete came out with the acrylic armboard I thought there was a very strong possibility it would be a winner and decided to take the plunge. Things didn't go absolutely smoothly for me (long story-problems on my end unrelated to the board(s) and then a glitch with one of the boards I bought but I've been up and running for a week or so now and can confirm Al's impression of the board and its effect on sound quality in post 412. I think he's done a very good job of describing its attributes. Much more focus, clarity and retrieval of detail along with improvements in musicality and tightening and extension of bass. Everything is just more fleshed out. The new board reveals the original Michell board to be a bit congested and dynamically challenged by comparison. There is also a real sense of composure in complex passages with big dynamic swings; you can simply hear much more of what is actually happening in the performance in moments like this as opposed to hearing much more of a mish-mashed "blend" of sound.

It's a cliche but backgrounds are blacker. And surface noise is further reduced. I ended up buying some extra thick (3.2 mm) grungebuster dots from Herbie's Audiolab that have adhesive on one side and cutting them down and attaching them to the underside of the armboard(s). Still have to get the nylon bolts cut down to use those.

I was previously using the Michell tonearm decoupling kit and frankly, had to strain to hear any positives with it. Definitely not the case with these, although they are much more expensive and not really cheap. But they are worth it. With two arms (and armboards) the bang for buck has not been quite as big as the suspension upgrade but that may not be the case for single arm users. A really worthwhile upgrade and I could not go back to the stock armboard.

Have to admit that the "look factor" is also quite nice as well. I wish that I could have tried out a wood laminate top armboard but increasing the thickness would have run me into a bit of trouble in terms of setting VTA/SRA.

In any event, I am very happy and would highly recommend. Once you go here, you will not go back.     Blake - October 2019


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