We now manufacture acrylic platters, for these highly acclaimed turntables.

These acrylic platters greatly improve the performance of your turntable by reducing resonance that can be picked up by the cartridge from the environment such as people walking by, large vehicles passing or other sounds that create a lot of vibration. It has considerably more mass compared to a standard platter. The extra weight of the platter during rotation has a 'flywheel effect' and helps the platter to spin flatter and at a more consistent speed, thus reducing wow & flutter.


Click on the link below to see the video of Alan's illuminated acrylic platter.

  Photos of our acrylic platters with the ballast weights coming soon.  

Some comments: -

"Managed to snag me an acrylic platter..I was shocked by the physical weight of the thing when it arrived in the post...what a lump..I thought it was my birthday. I eagerly opened the box and behold a thing of beauty.
I wasted no time at all and set my turntable away, after I'd warmed up my gear. I listened to three Lp's with the original platter and no surprise they sounded great, my deck has already had extensive upgrades, and to my ears, this was going to take something special to better the sound..

I stripped the original platter off and put on the new platter, which took very little time, first let me say the platter is beautifully machined and is an exceptionally nice snug fit. I put the anniversary mat on and tried the first LP..Queen II.. Immediately on first impression, the Stereo immage is brilliant and the soundstage is astounding. The bass being reproduced is snapping into place, the music is fast, very musical and tuneful..It was before with the original platter, but this lump is bringing more out of the vinyl..I had to keep playing parts of tracks over and over again, as I was hearing stuff not heard before...a guitar here a drum beat/cymbal there ..this is probably because the image is placing the instruments far better..Dire Straits is superb as is Aha..The Aha LP is the fastest I've heard the music in my system..It's a very busy album too as they do a lot of mixing/tracking on there Lp's..all in all a much nicer listening experience altogether..i confess, I love the look of the original platter with those lovely brass weights hanging down, which are mesmerising, when you watch them, but I love the sound of this platter..which is one solid piece of acrylic,with just enough room to fit over the bearing housing..I've also been able to remove some of the isolation from under the deck, as it was overkill, the platter has superb damping.. I'm a happy bunny and pleased I was able to get my hands on this marvelous piece of acrylic...I can recommend this with no Truepoint Audio for more details...I'm glad I did".


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