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For Sale : ARCAM/FOCAL HiFi System, excellent condition.



For Sale : Garard 401 Turntable, excellent condition.



For Sale : SME IV Tonearm, excellent condition.



For Sale :    Towshend Elite Rock Turntable in beautiful condition.




For Sale :    Pink Triangle Turntable.



For Sale :    ProAC D100  Speakers.





How to advertise on our website: -

If you email us an A4 sheet size of text and photos of the hifi equipment you want to sell, we will place your advert on its own web page with a link to it from this page. All sales negotiation will be between you and the prospective buyer via your email address or phone number, we will not get involved unless asked to do so.

We will advertise your hifi product for a period of one year, or until you inform us that it is sold.

We charge 25.00 for each A4 page advert.

We reserve the right to edit the advert as we see fit, but will not launch the advert page until we have your approval.

Please email the advert to us as an A4 word document, with photos as jpg files.


Please contact us if you want to advertise your product on our website.


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