True Point Audio Ltd offers specially designed Cable Supports to lift your cables off the floor. This helps to isolate the effects of vibration transferring from the floor into the cable. They are ideal for speaker cables, but can also be used for other audio equipment cables.

The design is based on a triangular three point system which gives both stability and superior isolation to vibration, far better than floor block types.

We offer two sizes of Cable Support with heights of approximately 90 mm and 45mm.

Our Cable supports are manufactured by precision laser cutting, and the design of the Cable Lift has been created to securely hold the cables in a position where vibration is impeded. The design is such that the assembly of the two laser cut pieces form a whole when assembled that is both rigid and pleasing on the eye.

Comment: Many thanks, they continue to impress and I do wonder why the idea of cable supports has not really caught on. I know that I may be preaching to the converted by the effects are manifestly palpable. Cheers. John, Liverpool

The Cable Supports are available in black or clear acrylic and in wood (for you to paint or varnish the wood to your preferred colour). We prefer the clear because they are almost invisible and unobtrusive, as shown in the photos above and below.

This is what hi-fi enthusiasts had to say: -

True Point's Cable Lifts are shown supporting Kondo KSL silver speaker cables.

"The difference between the cable lifters I used until now (see photo below) and your new designs are much bigger than I could have imagined your cable lifters clearly gives greater and more transparent sound picture with tighter and better bass details.
It is yet another proof that one should take decoupling of hifi equipment, quite seriously, I give those new cable lifters from True Point my warmest recommendations
, and you are right, they are very elegant, ".

Finn - Denmark


I have shunyata cable elevators in my reference system in Australia. When I installed them effects were immediately noticeable. The same happened with yours. I have yet to take delivery of the system that I intend to use as a reference system here - that will happen in a few weeks time and that is where the current set of your cable supports will go. However, they have made a very positive impact on the relatively modest system that I am using and I would like to order one large support and 2 smaller ones.

I suppose that we all hear things differently but I thought that I should say that your cable supports resulted in greater tonal saturation, expanded dynamics, improved, more natural imaging, more mid range body, sweeter highs, better delineation of instrumental lines, a clearer sense of the applicable recording venue, improved bass extension, less grain, better resolution overall and a more relaxed, freer, open sound.  The most important thing is that there is more music. An elegant, very well conceived design that delivers the goods in spades.

Hi, I'd like to order another set of your HiFi cable supports (8 small & 2 large). I have long speaker cables and could do with some more.
Also, I found I got a nice improvement when I put one of your cable supports under a heavy power cable.

Alan R - New Zealand


John D - Liverpool/Australia

These Cable Lifts appear invisible and are not intrusive.



Fitting the Cable Supports: -

  • The length and flexibility of the cable determines the number of Cable Supports required. 

  • With the system powered off, lift the cable 100mm at its mid point. If all the cable is now off the floor only one large Cable Support in the middle is necessary.

  • Repeat this operation at the point where the cable still touches the floor.

  • If necessary use the rubber band supplied to hold the cable firmly in position in the recess of the Cable Support.

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