The 'Big Pink Thing' Turntable

(sometimes size does matter)


Modelled on the Pink Triangle Anniversary, we have maintained all of the plus features and improved on the not so good ones. We have modified the suspension mounting and improved the material stability with extensive use of carbon fibre composite materials. We also decided to stretch the plinth wider and deeper (front to back) so that tonearms from 9" to over 12" can be fitted on a 20 cm square carbon fibre composite armboard.
Pink triangle had a turntable called 'The Little Pink Thing' (LPT), so we have taken a leaf out of there notebook and decided to call it 'The Big Pink Thing' for obvious reasons. It is built in the style of Pink Triangle, but it has a footprint of 53.5 x 40.2 cm, the height remains the same as the original Pink Triangle turntable.

Internally the turntable is constructed similar to the superb Anniversary. Its acrylic platter is belt driven via the tri-drive system and our highly acclaimed DC motor and push button three speed PSU will keep your record spinning at the desired speed.


The 'Big Pink Thing' is the ideal platform for all sizes of tonearm, with a performance not just to match but is taken further than the original Anniversary.


More photos to follow soon.

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