What is MIDAS Technology?

(Mains · Independent · DC · Advanced · System)

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The power supply is a key component to any piece of active hi-fi equipment, but no matter how well the power supply is designed and built, it is still at the mercy of the mains supply with all its noise, spikes, surges and dips. For that reason, various mains filters are used to counter these problems. However, these filters often add their own problems by affecting the sound of the equipment, often making it sound softer, less dynamic etc.

This is the reason that MIDAS technology was developed. By isolating the voltage regulation circuits during the conduction cycle of the bridge rectifier, most if not all of the effects of mains pollution can be eliminated. The end result is a vast step forward in sound quality.

True Point Audio's (TPA) philosophy is to continually strive for improvement in their products, with this in mind and for the reasons mentioned above, we have developed MIDAS the superlative speed control unit.

Speed control with integral MIDAS system: -

There are other 'never-connected power supplies' to power your Hi Fi equipment but few (if any) that incorporate the technology into turntable speed controllers – that was until now. TPA proudly announces their latest range of speed controllers that incorporate 'never–connected power supply' technology. We thought that ‘never-connected power supply’ a rather large mouthful to digest for a description of a power supply that is completely isolated from the mains supply so we have decided to call it MIDAS, an acronym which stands for: -

Mains Isolated,  DC Advanced System - which is an accurate description of ‘what it does’.

Our Speed Control Units, as standard, incorporate a comprehensive mains filtering system, but now go much further by completely isolating the mains secondary voltage from the rectified and regulated DC voltage that controls the motor speed.

MIDAS totally eliminates all mains born noise, spikes, surges and voltage dips.

MIDAS uses the latest software and hardware to determine the exact point in the bridge rectifier voltage to charge the primary reservoir capacitor to its absolute optimum value before comprehensively isolating the secondary and by association the mains voltage, before transferring the maximum charge from the primary reservoir capacitor to the secondary reservoir capacitor. The voltage from the secondary reservoir capacitor supplies pure DC, free of any mains generated interference, glitches or noise to the DC turntable motor.

This innovative design has in simple terms isolated the mains AC supply from the DC circuit, and the PSU/Speed Control Unit is unaffected by the quality of the mains supply.

Give your HiFi system the golden touch with our MIDAS technology.


The PCB on the left is the MIDAS unit, the other is our standard speed control unit. The MIDAS pcb is longer to incorporate the additional technology.

Contained in a black or natural anodised (silver) aluminium box housing.  Overall dimensions, STD: - 166 x 103 x 53 mm.  MIDAS: - 226 x 103 x 53 mm
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