Price List 2022

Upgrade to one of our precision Speed Control Units (SCU's).

3 speed ‘MIDAS Plus’ SCU  at  £1395.
2 speed ‘MIDAS Plus’ SCU  at  £1350.
3 speed ‘MIDAS’ SCU  at £940.
2 speed ‘MIDAS’ SCU  at £895 (please see details on our website).
Standard 3 Speed Control Unit (SCU)  at  £695.
Standard 2 Speed Control Unit (SCU)  at  £650.
24V DC motor at £275.

12V DC motor at £210.

Please check with us before ordering to make sure your turntable is compatible with our speed control units and motors.

 All of the above options come with a brass double pulley, mains power lead and a strobe disc, and are all packed and shipped in a sponge filled aluminium/plastic flight case to avoid damage.

 We offer a 1 year warranty with all of our SCU’s, and should you have any problems with it after that time, then give us a call as I am sure we can sort it out for you,

 If your turntable is an older one with an AC motor, or you have the later DC motor, but it is not working, then you will need a 24V DC motor. We can supply this motor for £275.00, it’s the same model that Michell uses in the Gyrodecs.

 Please click on the following links for more information and to see our SCU’s in action, although the video's show our SCU's for use with the Gyrodec and Orbe turntables they have been fitted to the Avid Volvere, Townshend Rock Elite and many Pink Triangle turntables as well as custom made turntables.                                               (Standard SCU)        (MIDAS SCU)  

 The ‘MIDAS Plus’ is our latest product, and includes a large 250VA toroidal transformer weighing approximately 3.5Kg.

This is an additional stand alone unit, which can be purchased with the MIDAS SCU (see price above).

 The following video was taken by Bruno demonstrating his ‘MIDAS Plus’ at his home in Canada.

 Have a look at the following video explaining why the larger transformer is beneficial, stick with it, it's worth listening to (although the guy does tend to go on a bit). 

  Please check with us before ordering to make sure your turntable is compatible with our speed control units.


We reserve the right to change specification without notice.

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