Reduce tracking error by converting your SME 3009 into an even longer version of the 3012 with the added advantages of a wooden armtube section.


The choice is yours, please see options below: -

The beautiful wood in the picture above is Spalted Birch with stainless weights etc.


Unique adjustable angle headshell is available as an option.

Straight, composite armtube with unique headshell.

Gold-plated brass counterweights.

Ebony, (or African blackwood to be more accurate) and stainless armtube with gold-plated brass weights.


Gold-plated brass counterweights and rider weights.

16" Composite armtube with stainless weights.

Stainless steel counter weights and rider weights,

We can build the type of tonearm you would like. You choose the type of wood, the length that you would prefer and whether you want brass gold-plated  or stainless counterweights.

How to order: -

Please fill in the table below, and copy and paste your answers in an email to us and we will be able to give you a quote.

1.  Decide on the length of tonearm you would like (this measurement is the distance from the pivot point of the tonearm to the tip of the stylus), the lengths we offer are 12", 14" and 16", special longer lengths can be made to order.

2.  Do you want the armtube to be in one piece stainless steel or a composite with the middle section in wood?

3.  If you want a composite armtube, which type wood would you like (see list below)?

4, Do you want gold-plated brass counter weights or stainless steel?

5.  Do you want the wiring to be Cardas copper or silver wire?

6.  Are you supplying the donor tonearm, or are we to supply it?

7.  Do you have any special requirements or preferences?





 Your choice

1 Length of tonearm:  
2 Armtube, one piece or composite:  
3 If composite, which wood type:  
4 Stainless or gold-plated weights:  
5 Cardas copper or silver wire:  
6 Do you have the donor tonearm:  
7 Special preferences:  
8 Your Name:  
9 Your phone number:  
10 Your address:  



The types of wood offered are (looking from top to bottom): -

1.  Satine bloodwood

2.  Cocobolo

3.  Pernambuco (the same wood as used to make violin bows).

4.  Other woods available on request.



Click here for the installation and set up guide.

We also buy SME Tonearms (in any condition). Please let us know if you have one to sell.

We would like to thank friends, SME enthusiasts and customers for their help in putting this page together.

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        We reserve the right to change specification without notice.

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