The Ultimate Upgrade for Pink Triangle Turntables 

Imagine having a turntable that performs head and shoulders above the rest, not just because it's a Pink Triangle, but because it has the latest DC motor and speed control system, the balanced belt drive of a Tri-Drive system and the superb harmonics of an Anniversary turntable with its balanced sub-chassis. This can all be achieved with our Ultimate Upgrade. Supplied as a kit or if you send your turntable to us we can do the modifications for you.


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The above video shows Josh's ultimate upgrade on his Pink Triangle PT1


This conversion is best completed on the PT1 or PT Export turntables. It is possible to use a PT Too, but removing the metal Top Plate may cause problems because it is built into the plinth.

You will need to retain the following parts from the donor turntable: - Acrylic Platter, Spindle Bearing assembly, Sub-Chassis, Armboard for the tonearm, Acrylic Lid, Wooden Plinth.


Some comments from a PT enthusiast who bought the 'Option 3' kit, photos of his progress are shown after his comments : -

Yes, I do think it sounds a lot better.

I would say that there is probably a lower level of background noise, venue acoustics are clearer, the infamous “tunes in bass” are clearer. I think dynamics of music are probably handled more cleanly with less congestion in louder passages and layering of instruments- harmony clearer as a result.

So far listened a mixture of original and digitally re-mastered recordings. Mixture of classical/opera/ska/rock (well, Dire Straits), Ska and George Melly.

I might say the sound is perhaps more natural - dynamic. My wife has a cherished (mono) recording of Walton’s facade which we are both enjoying (very important!).

Definitely worthwhile doing - just got to decide on new cartridge eventually! Mark W. Bristol.


If you prefer, we can do the conversion for you.


 Please contact us for current prices.

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