The Ultimate Upgrade for Pink Triangle Turntables 

Imagine having a turntable that performs head and shoulders above the rest, not just because it's a Pink Triangle, but because it has the latest DC motor and speed control system, the balanced belt drive of a Tri-Drive system and the superb harmonics of an Anniversary turntable with its balanced sub-chassis. This can all be achieved with our Ultimate Upgrade. Supplied as a kit or if you send your turntable to us we can do the modifications for you.


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The above video shows Peter K's ultimate upgrade on his Pink Triangle PT1


This conversion is best completed on the PT1 or PT Export turntables. It is possible to use a PT Too, but removing the metal Top Plate may cause problems because it is built into the plinth.

You will need to retain the following parts from the donor turntable: - Acrylic Platter, Spindle Bearing assembly, Sub-Chassis, Armboard for the tonearm, Acrylic Lid, Wooden Plinth.

The Split Platter

If you have a PT turntable, you will probably agree that one of the problems might well be 'fitting the drive belt'. This minor problem is made no easier with the PT Anniversary where you have to fit the belt around the additional pulleys. To make this problem disappear we have modified the acrylic platter so that it is constructed from two pieces as shown in the central photo below. This type of system is used by other turntable makers such as Funk, Linn and many others.

This modification also greatly reduces the risk of the sapphire bearing being damaged when changing the drive belt.

The smaller platter is easily assembled onto the turntable main bearing, and the drive belt fitted in place around it and the motor pulley. The larger part of the platter can then be placed on top of the smaller platter  to finish the assembly. Please contact us if you are interested in having your platter converted to a split platter.

Above are photos of the Split Platter which can be made by modifying your platter.


Customer comments : -

Had things up and running shortly after our call. The front right pulley settled down and has remained that way.

I am in shock how quick and steady the DC motor with 3 pulleys comes speed, with no bearing rock, and even hardly any suspension movement.

I let it run overnight to get the bearing and oil set.

The Sara is a perfect fit both sound and cosmetic wise (see attached pics ). It reminds me of my Naim ARO days for sure.

I checked the resonance frequency with a test record and it is 12hz, which is normal range. 

It sounds phenomenal right from the start. Tighter than a Lp-12, without the mid bass bloat. Plus it’s much cooler, lol. I am running sans Top Plate now because I love looking at all the carbon fibre. I may look into having a piece of clear glass cut for a top plate.

The suspended chassis is very effective an isolation, a rap on the top plate does not get picked up by the stylus. This in NOT the case with an LP-12. Also I was worried about foot fault, but so far so good!

Keep me posted on the split platter mod. Possibly it will be done so the clamp and platter can ship together. Thanks again, I love the Anni’! Let me know if I can help you in any way to market the Anni to future customers.  It's a winner. Marc F.  New York


Yes, I do think it sounds a lot better.

I would say that there is probably a lower level of background noise, venue acoustics are clearer, the infamous “tunes in bass” are clearer. I think dynamics of music are probably handled more cleanly with less congestion in louder passages and layering of instruments- harmony clearer as a result.

So far listened a mixture of original and digitally re-mastered recordings. Mixture of classical/opera/ska/rock (well, Dire Straits), Ska and George Melly.

I might say the sound is perhaps more natural - dynamic. My wife has a cherished (mono) recording of Walton’s facade which we are both enjoying (very important!).

Definitely worthwhile doing - just got to decide on new cartridge eventually! Mark W.  Bristol.


If you prefer, we can do the conversion for you.


 Please contact us for current prices.

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