The Funk Firm broke the mould with the Vector turntable, its non-resonant turntable. The Funk Vector is based on a very simple chassis made into a curvy shape and with a DC belt drive motor controlled electronically.

The ‘Vector’ part of the name refers to the Vector drive system, which uses two small idler pulleys to guide the drive belt with the motor pulley. This method of belt drive balances out the sideways pull from the belt so that the platter is less inclined to ‘precess’ around the spindle. A flat belt is used which in principle is more stable than a round-section belt.

Mounted on the sub-platter is the main platter, which is made of the Funk’s ‘Achromat’ material. This foamed plastic material is designed to match the acoustic impedance of an LP and absorb mechanical vibrations efficiently due to its irregular structure.

Upgrades and Repairs available for the Vector Turntables: -

1. We are able to supply and fit new sapphire bearings for these highly acclaimed turntables.

2. Upgrade Motor Kit to replace the one in your Vector turntable. It has a more robust dc motor to match our specially designed  circular PCB has been upgraded to give better speed adjustment. We also offer a free fitting service.

3. Our upgraded Regulated Voltage Control Unit gives a far superior, stabilised and smoother voltage compared to the original wall wart. 





New TPA motor fitted

Original Funk motor and PCB

Sub-Platter and Bearing

Upgraded Regulated Voltage Control Unit




Please contact us for current prices on the above items.


We reserve the right to change specification without notice.

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