We now manufacture and supply PSU's and MOTOR upgrades, for these highly acclaimed turntables.

Also, if you have the older Gyrodec we can upgrade the old AC Motor to the latest DC Motor regardless of how it is mounted in your Motor Pod Top Plate.

The older Gyrodec with DC motor conversion

Now with the option of our latest MIDAS Technology, (Mains Independent DC Advanced  System)

  • Easy speed selection. No more moving the belt on the pulley.
  • Easily adjusted speed for each selected speed.
  • Automatic cut-out for PCB protection if overloaded.
  • Internal torque adjustment for use with heavier platters.
  • Just connect the supplied mains lead with IEC 'kettle plug', and your turntable motor lead with 'mini XLR' connector into the sockets at the rear of the PSU and 'switch on'.
  • A new 24V dc motor can be supplied if necessary.
 A choice of models: - Two speeds 33.3 and 45 RPM or Three speeds, 33.3, 45 and 78 RPM.


If your Gyrodec has the dc motor, then you only need to connect our PSU to your motor via your mini XLR connect lead and it works.

The PCB photo above shows our speed controller with MIDAS on the left, and our standard 3 speed controller on the right.


Converted from AC to DC with double belt drive pulley.


A choice of different colour options for the LED Push Buttons is available at extra cost, let us know what colour arrangement you prefer.

Speed control with integral MIDAS system: -

There are 'never-connected power supplies' to power your Hi Fi equipment but few (if any) that incorporate the technology into turntable speed controllers – that was until now. We proudly announce our latest range of speed controllers that incorporate 'never–connected power supply' technology. We thought that ‘never-connected power supply’ a rather long winded description of a power supply that is completely isolated from the mains supply, so we have decided to call it MIDAS, an acronym which stands for:

Mains Isolated,  DC Advanced System - which is an accurate description of ‘what it does’.

Our Speed Control Units, as standard, incorporate a comprehensive mains filtering system, but now go much further by completely isolating the mains secondary voltage from the rectified and regulated DC voltage that controls the motor speed. MIDAS totally eliminates all mains born noise, spikes, surges and voltage dips.

MIDAS uses the latest software and hardware to determine the exact point in the bridge rectifier voltage to charge the primary reservoir capacitor to its absolute optimum value before comprehensively isolating the secondary and by association the mains voltage, before transferring the maximum charge from the primary reservoir capacitor to the secondary reservoir capacitor. The voltage from the secondary reservoir capacitor supplies pure DC, free of any mains generated interference, glitches or noise to the DC turntable motor.

Give your HiFi system the golden touch with our  MIDAS technology.

Please contact us for latest prices.

Important notice : -EARTHING !!

Always use a 3 – wire moulded mains plug with integral lead with IEC female connector to connect to the controller, in the UK, commonly known as a ‘kettle plug’ lead. It is essential that the mains earth is connected to the controllers to prevent electric shock.

Controllers with ungrounded enclosures can become lethal devices in the event of a transformer insulation failure or accidental connection of the live supply to the enclosure. Whereas with a grounded enclosure, such a failure simply blows the mains fuse.

All DC controllers supplied by TPA require earthing to stop unwanted interference either incoming or outgoing. The TPA DC regulated power supply and the TPA DC speed controllers, have an integral LC line filter. The line filter serves the purpose of preventing possible radiation of radiofrequency interference (RFI) from the controller via the power line, as well as filtering out incoming interference that may be present on the power line.

For the filter to provide optimum performance it is essential that the mains earth is connected.


Some Comments: -

"I recently purchased a True Point Audio PSU for my Michell Gyrodec SE  which I did after a little research to see what was available as an alternative to the Michell HR Power supply. I wanted to upgrade as the power supply that comes with the Gyro is quite basic and I found it to be not so stable as I had to quite regularly adjust the turntable speed and to do this you have to unscrew the PSU to adjust a small screw which controls the speed. The reviews of the Michell HR PSU were all mainly very good but I read that once  again there was a little adjustment to be done on the speed which meant accessing a small speed control screw at the back of the PSU which is better than having to take it apart as you have to do with the supplied PSU. Given some thought to this I decided to look around for alternative solutions which is where I came across the True Point Audio PSU for the Michell Gyrodec. Truepoint make some mighty fine upgrades for both Pink Triangle and Michell TT’s and their PSU’s where plug and play with the fabulous advantage of being able to adjust the TT speed from 33.3 to 45rpm or 78rpm at the push of a button with no fiddling about with the TT belt.

Having spoken to Charles at True Point Audio I took the plunge and ordered the True point Audio PSU, which was quickly delivered and you also get to choose which colour lights you would like on the PSU. The PSU was a simple swap for the original one and the belt on the TT is set on the 45rpm position on the motor pulley and that’s it you do not have to touch the pully again as the PSU will now do every thing for you. Press the 33.3 button and away you go the RPM is rock steady and after  a few weeks the PSU and my Gyrodec sound absolutely superb no hint of wow or flutter from the turntable, the sound has tight deep base and great overall clarity  and detail to the sound, I could not be more happier. This really is a great product and a great improvement for the Gyrodec, which I would highly recommend as an alternative to the Michell HR PSU, with the key advantage of being able to adjust TT speed at the press of a button and I can now also now play 78’s on my Gyrodec SE if I have a mind to. The True Point Audio provide a great product, great service from Charles and I would highly recommend this upgrade to anyone."

Kevin S.- Gloucestershire.


I've had a chance to set up the PSU and listened to some vinyl. It's made a noticeable difference to the sound. Every sound has more detail to it, Very pleased with it.

Is it purely down to a constant speed that makes the difference or something else?  I was somewhat sceptical about it but I have been proved wrong... so much snake oil in this HiFi industry. Rob A - Powys, Wales.


I would like to thank you, for the PSU and its fantastic ease of use. My gyro has never been more user friendly, I no longer have to move the belt up and down on the pulley, risking the tension to be changed and me putting dirt off my fingers onto the Belt, Pulley or platter. A simple push of the button to select any of the three speeds.

 Also, it seems to have cut the wow down, the belt tension is now constant.

Although I would never use 78 rpm, it is quiet a sight to see the deck go around at 78 rpm, which is not stable going from 78 rpm to 77.8 to 78.2, due to the deck itself and the way it is suspended on the springs. The 33.3 was rock steady when set, even if you switch the unit off at the wall it will remember and return to within 33.3-33.4 and then self adjusts back to 33.3. The 45 rpm was 44.9 to 45, and settles down after a minute or so.

 The Michell HR has the fine adjust screw on the rear panel, which I have to find a small screwdriver to fit the trim pot to adjust, and remove the unit out of the rack and then using the screwdriver adjust the screw. Also, sometimes, just putting the HR back in position causes the speed to change, so I have to go through all that again.

The ease of use and adjustment of your PSU is a much better experience for me, no fiddling about to adjust the speed. The PSU giving me better tighter sound on all aspects of the LP, a piano note seemed to last that little bit longer, bass was better.

Also I have osteoarthritis in my fingers, not having to use a jeweller’s screwdriver to adjust the speeds has been a great help. YOUR PSU is a GOD SEND.


Just a quick update. I left the PSU on for about 15hrs, switched it off, then back on today, it is rock steady on 45, but 0n 33.3 it drifted to 33.4, a quick push on the button and back to 33.3, If anyone complains about that tell them to see the old nut Dr. 

The mains power is rubbish here, its impossible to keep the power supply to 0.1 of a rpm on switching it on, it is the same as the HR that I have, but with its push button speed change, easy adjustment, it is worth every penny.


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We reserve the right to change specification without notice.

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