We now manufacture and supply ISOLATION FEET for these highly acclaimed turntables. By clicking on the following link you can see how the Pads are fitted to the turntable: -


  These isolation feet have been carefully designed and constructed from materials that give the best isolation while at the same time retaining the integrity of these superb turntables.

Please have a look at Alan's video on Youtube : -

Available in a black or natural anodised finish (silver).

Please note, we will need to know the thickness of the acrylic plinth, or if you do not have a plinth, then the acrylic spyder.

The photos above show a Gyrodec with an acrylic spyder which has replaced the acrylic plinth.


Fitting Instructions:

1.  Remove the Foot from the turntable

 2.  Remove the Adaptor  from the Foot

3. This is what it will look like

4. Assemble Pete's Pad into the Foot.

5.  Finally fit the Pad and Foot assembly to your turntable.



First, I have to say the Pads are beautifully made and the rubber washers Pete has sent me are of the same material as the rubber in the Pads, so the interface between acrylic and the pads is kept exactly the same.

I've only had time for one LP (Jethro Tull - Stand up, Steven Wilson's mix) and a couple more songs from other different LPs (Kate Bush and Bjork) and my findings so far are:

- even more weight in sound. Like everything is even more assured and impactful

- another increase in definition. Stuff like guitar string vibrations and decay of instrument sounds even more defined

- connected to what I said first, but sound images seem even more stable

- I'm pretty sure that soundstage depth and height have increased. The sound is really huge

My listening will go on, but I can already say that the Pads are another great upgrade and I'd fully recommend it to anyone who's decided to try to max their Gyrodec. In fact, I think that Pylons and Pads should become a default suspension for Michell decks. I don't know if this makes sense, but I view Pylons and Pads as a whole, now that I've disassembled everything again and seen how everything is connected when it comes to the Gyrodec suspension.

Also, for reference, my Gyrodec sits on top of steel frame rack that's welded as a one rigid piece and this rack is coupled via spiked ends of its feet to parquet that is glued to the concrete floor. Zvonimir K. in Croatia


After previously hearing the pads with a wobbly turntable, this time around I got all the benefits of before, but better. Information retrieval is up, and the soundstage is better defined, with more back and front definition and separation from the speakers.

I noticed that one recipient spoke about previously good recordings not sounding so good. I've not experienced that, but I do notice more of a range in the quality of a singer throughout an album. 

It might sound a little odd, but what I am finding is that I'm either getting slightly more gain (with less vibrations, is the better at extracting a strong signal?), or with a clearer signal I need less amplification. When installing the pylons, I think I had a similar experience. Beyond question, the pads are an improvement, and are keepers. At times I'm just thrilled with listening, with toes tapping away. But at times a bit of audiophile nervosa creeps in. Is there a little harshness in the singer's voice? And should it be there? I'm aware of a long-standing debate within audio of whether you want the most accurate reproduction, or the most pleasant sounds. 

I do have the modified armboard from TPA, using a TechnoArm A, and a Benz MicoGlider L2. Amplification is a WhestTWO.2, and Sugden Master Class pre and power amps, all connected in balanced mode with TCI Cobra Interconnects. For speakers, I have a pair of Living Voice Auditoriums. While the Technoarm might be the weak link, in general I'm really enjoying the sound, and don't expect to invest any more funds at this stage.

When it came to fitting the feet, I did struggle a little with what should be a routine process. I'm guessing the thread kept rotating a little as I tried to screw in the feet, and I didn't think carefully enough about how to stop this, resorting to some brute force. Having spent a while getting the pylons fitting well on a previous occasion, I did not want to strip the deck to install the pads. Now, I'd recommend that for those with an unmodified Gyrodec, install the pads and pylons at the same time.  Richard S.


Well Iíve fitted Pete's Feet which was extremely straight forward and had the additional positive side effect gained from taking everything apart, giving it a quick clean and putting it back together again. I didnít actually remove the arm just checked my set up at the end, no adjustments required.

The sound? Early yet as only a few favourites spun so far, all acoustic jazz, but I think increased clarity/instrument separation with quite eerily silent silences.

Iím using 3 stacked sds plates under the motor as I preferred the Ďlookí to the Perspex which was supplied and which is now under my bedside libratone zipp. 
Will take photos at some point. Maybe the sds had an effect sound wise, not sure as I made the decision on aesthetic grounds.

I now have Pete's Pylons and Feet but Gert's armboard. What next I wonder for this amazing deck?  Huwge


Had a couple of days with Pete's Pads and they are beautifully made and an absolute doodle to install and they look cool and match the Gyro good looks- now the interesting bit of how they sound.....if you are interested in them then just treat yourself to a set, they are as good as the Pylons in my set up,

1. Detail is up by a large degree.

2. Sound is even more cohesive.

3. Control is even better- bass is firm and tight as a drum.

4. Soundstage is deeper and very layered- some of the imaging is spooky.

5. Noise floor is lowered considerably.

6. l cannot think of any downsides at all.

Sound in general improved in every area.

Like The Pylons before them, the Pads lift The Gyrodec in to another league altogether, they are that good.

All views expressed are within the context of my room and system, so all in all as you can see Pete/True Point have come out with another winner. Tarzan.


"What these pads do I have found is something a bit different - but perhaps is more closely aligned to the real meaning of lowering the noise floor - in that they reduce the point at which micro details are lost into a background mush. Everything seems cleaner, more in focus.  Tiny details not heard before emerge, but that also affects the bigger picture as every element and every note becomes clearer and more distinct.

Reading through Tarzan's list of improvements, I can't help think that these describe the results or the outcomes of the clearer portrayal the TT is now able to produce with the pads in place.

I'm calling it now, this is another winner from Pete.  My Gyro has never sounded better". 


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