Fed up with the tonearm connect cable pulling against the armboard, causing the sub-chassis not to move freely, we have the answer.

We now manufacture a fine flexible cable link that can be fitted to your Pink Triangle Turntable. This is similar to the ones that were fitted to the Pink Triangle Anniversary turntables.

Please see the photo below. The Pink Link is available with copper or silver cables, similar to those used in a tonearm rewire, and is wired to a standard 5 pin DIN plug which is acceptable for most tonearms. If your tonearm does not have the 5 pin DIN socket, then let us know and we should be able to adapt the Pink Link for you. The RCA mounting plate can be fitted to the rear of the turntable. You then only need RCA connect cables to connect to your Pre-Amp, which we can also supply.




  Full fitting instructions are available.  



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